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One of the most powerful as well as practical ways to demonstrate the trend of Cloud 2.0 and how it will re-invent IT areas like CRM, is to consider the SaaS opportunities this presents. Greenfield Applications First In summary this is best captured from the Canadian E-Health Cloud strategy, where it calls for: “We expect greenfield implementations to dominate in the near term, with the exception that some productivity applications such as office software, email, ERP and supply chain management will be introduced in public cloud implementations. However, even in these cases, this will be less a porting of existing systems to cloud-based provisioning than replacement of these capabilities locally with cloud-based services.” Cloud and Mobile Computing Integrate – Acquiring cloud services to provision and manage mobile applications and devices. Cloud and Social Netwo... (more)

Cloud and BPOS sessions at Virtual Tradeshow

Quest Connect is a big online conference put together by Quest, Microsoft, , Dell, NetApp, Vizioncore, Scriptlogic, Techrepublic, Oracle Magazine, Redmond Magazine, and The Code Project. The agenda is packed with a lot of useful material on Windows Server 2008 R2, AD, Identity Management, Exchange 2010, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, SharePoint, SQL, Oracle – see full agenda here – and they include some sessions specifically on cloud computing and Microsoft Online Services. Here are a few: Here or Way Out There? Should Your Active Directory Management Be In Cloud? Available the whole day on-demand Dmitry Sotnikov, New Project Research Manager, Quest Software Spend a few minutes learning how to leverage the Cloud Computing Craze in your environment. During this session, Dmitry Sotnikov will demonstrate provisioning for cloud directories and review Quest’s soon-to-be-... (more)

Context Switching in the IT World Can Be Harmful to Schedules

One of the biggest issues I see in a lot of IT / Software Development environments is the lack of understanding when it comes to context switching. There are a lot of managers that don't understand how much work is lost when they expect their team to multitask. More disastrous is the interruption that could have been an email or voice mail. I rarely answer my phone and shut down email when I want to concentrate. Cubes have wrecked the ability to focus. My current cube is totally open and I am surrounded by a support team that have a line waiting to talk to them sometimes. When I was in the electronic engineering field we had offices. When the door was closed that meant you were in a meeting or deep into your work. Unless it was an emergency, rarely was there a knock. You'd get a polite email asking for you to let them know when you were free. It can take an hour to r... (more)

Book Review: Practical Code Generation in .NET

When it comes to code generation I have seen the worst of the worst and some really cool implementations. The worst was on a large government project. The consulting firm created a custom code generator that created every layer of the 5 layer application. In truth, the only reason the project was so large was because of the effort that went into the implementation and maintenance of the code generation application. As time went on the firm lost all control of the relationship between the generated code and the application that created it. Maintenance teams needed to be in place for both the production code and the generation tool. Needless to say a ton of money was wasted on the project. The best was the use of the GAT and GAX tools to put code generation tools in place to support a Software Product Line Engineering project. The tools generated project shells, added d... (more)

Best PPC Management Agencies Honored by Promotion World: SEO Inc. on the List for Fifth Consecutive Year

CARLSBAD, Calif., April 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SEO Inc., a leading San Diego based Internet Marketing Agency, has been named as one of the Best PPC Management Agencies of 2011 by Promotion World Magazine. It is the fifth consecutive year that the company has been ranked in the Top 5, a distinction that no other agencies on the list can claim. In previous years, SEO has ranked as the number one best PPC Management agency two times and was ranked in 2nd and 3rd positions in other years. The company has also consistently ranked high on PW's list for organic SEO services. According to the web page on Promotion World, "The Top 10 PPC Management Agencies awards are given to the best companies offering Pay-Per-Click management services. The winners stand out among an increasing number of high-quality companies and prove to be the leaders with outstanding contribution to ... (more)

SaaS Sales Model and Organization Strategy

One of the most difficult SaaS challenges is choosing and evolving the right SaaS sales model for your business. While the most common SaaS sales model is characterized by a transactional inside sales organization, frequently split into new business focused sales reps and retention focused account managers, this is by no means the only SaaS sales model, and may NOT be the best SaaS sales model for your business. SaaS businesses come in many flavors from consumer-ish freemium services like Box.net and Cloudflare to high-end enterprise solutions like Workday and BazzarVoice. Choosing the right SaaS sales model is often a bet-the-company decision, as second chances are rare in the fast moving world of the Internet. Plus, as your SaaS product offering and customer base grows, you are likely to find yourself supporting several distinct and varied SaaS sales models. How to ... (more)

Key Keynote Notes – TechEd 2013 Favorites

So here it is, Day 3 of TechEd, and I’m already two days late on the first of our “TechEd 2013 Favorites” series.  (sigh)  But if you’ve ever been to a TechEd, or any other big conference like this, you know that it’s hard to find a spare moment to do things other than A) attend, and B) enjoy.  Blogging isn’t high on the priority list this week.  Sorry. But this morning, for you I’ll make an exception. On Monday, Day 1, was started with the traditional TechEd Keynote; this year skillfully navigated by Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of the Management and Security Division (MSD) at Microsoft.  After a cute video, he “rolls” onto the stage in an Aston Martin, and hints that we are about to witness announcements on new versions “of every one of our products that run in your datacenters”.  Hmm.. sounds like this might be fun! His talk was roughly outlined in this... (more)

Open Source Selenium Web Application Testing System

Selenium is a free Web Application Testing System. It gained lots of popularity since it is available. It’s integration to FireFox – which allows instant record/replay as well as the scripting option - makes it a great tool for functional web testing. BrowserMob on the other side leverages Selenium by providing an automated load-testing environment for Selenium scripts all configurable online via a Web Dashboard. Tagging Web Requests In my recent blog post – Get more out of functional web testing: How to correlate test reports with server side log information? – I discussed the problem that testing results are usually not linked to the log and diagnostics information captured by the application under test. The blog entry offered a way to link the two sides using HTTP Tagging via an HTTP Proxy. Tagging individual Web Requests allows linking each individual request ... (more)

Salesforce.com Unveils Service Cloud 2

Salesforce.com has announced the next chapter in the customer service revolution with Service Cloud 2. The Service Cloud, announced in January of this year, is the next generation solution for customer service - it exponentially increases the quality of service, while lowering the cost, by leveraging the expertise of the community. Since its introduction, the Service Cloud has led market momentum with 8,000 customers and received a number of industry accolades. The Service Cloud will also deliver entirely new product innovations for the customer service industry by introducing the world's first knowledge base designed for cloud computing - Salesforce Knowledge; an entirely new way to look at customer communities and discussion forums - Salesforce Answers; and Salesforce for Twitter, which allows companies to monitor and join the customer service conversations taking... (more)

Photon Infotech Launches Social Media Framework

Photon Infotech has announced enhancements to its Social Media Framework: Enterprise Edition. For the first time, Fortune 500 and SME organizations alike can rapidly integrate Facebook-like connectivity and collaboration into their existing IT infrastructure without compromising data security. "Most current investments in enterprise portal and intranet projects have resulted only in new document archives, not active collaboration," said Srinivas Balasubramanian, CEO of Photon. "Meanwhile, employees actively use Facebook and build ad hoc Linked In groups that don't conform to corporate security and privacy policies. The Social Media Framework: Enterprise Edition simplifies bringing social media technologies behind the firewall to create a secure collaborative environment based on best practices." The Photon Social Media Framework: Enterprise Edition, built atop Photon'... (more)

Microsoft’s First Step Toward Cloud Computing

Azure Session at Cloud Expo Pundits talking about how Windows 7 is all about Microsoft competing against Apple, recovering with Vista consumer adoption disaster, or getting people off of XP, are missing one other – extremely important – part of the Windows 7 story. Windows 7 and its server counterpart – Windows Server 2008 R2 – are actually the first real step in Microsoft’s Windows Cloud Story. Before Windows 7 Microsoft could offer some services (such as Exchange Online) from the cloud – but could not provide full enterprise directory, security and so on – now they can. Microsoft has always called its SaaS plan Software + Services, emphasizing that it can enable rich Windows and application experience over the internet. The reality however has been that in most cases these have been limited to a few web-enabled (e.g. Outlook) or pure web (e.g. SharePoint) applicati... (more)