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New Media on Ulitzer Topic A at the recent Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association Annual Meeting (SIFMA) was what to do about the fastest-growing communications phenomenon since the invention of the Internet: the explosion in social networking. Whenever compliance and communications come together there is sure to be a tussle and this meeting was no different. Chairman and CEO Rick Ketchum cited the current policy as “currently constructed, these sites would not permit you to easily supervise these communications. For that reason, most firms prohibit their employees from using these sites for their business.” Still, trying to hold back the social media communications tsunami is not likely to last. The cost of not communicating to advisors and clients through their preferred vehicles does not make a lot of long-term business sense. Mr. Ketchum readily a... (more)

NCOIC Discusses e-Discovery and Cloud Computing

Government IT Session at Cloud Expo Last week during its weekly meeting, the NCOIC Cloud Computing Working Group (CCWG) examined some of the legal aspects surrounding electronically stored information. With government use of cloud computing expected to grow, the group reach out to Mr. Jason R. Baron, Director of Litigation for the United States National Archives and Records Administration for some guidance. Mr. Baron is an internationally recognized speaker and author on the preservation of electronic records. In 2009 he was named Co-Chair of The Sedona Conference® Working Group on Electronic Document Retention and Production, and has previously served as Editor-in-Chief of The Sedona Conference Best Practices Commentary on the Use of Search and Information Retrieval Methods in E-Discovery (2007), and Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Sedona Conference Commentary on Achiev... (more)

Cloud Expo 2011 New York Expands Technical Program

Due to a record increase in the number, quality and breadth of submissions to the Conference Advisory Board, the organizers of 8th Cloud Expo (June 6-9, 2011) - Cloud Expo New York 2011 - have extended the technical program through the addition of an all-new "Telcos in the Cloud" track - to complement the already extensive selection of tracks, including "Enterprise-Level Cloud Computing," "Federal/Government Cloud Computing," "Real-World Virtualization,"Cloud Security & Performance," "The Cloud in Practice: Case Studies," and the always-popular "Hot Topics" track. Because the sheer quantity and quality of submitted sessions has outstripped the ability to assess each one fully and fairly - there have been a staggering 1,300 submissions thus far, for just 150 or so slots - the deadline for submitting speaking proposals to the conference is also being extended too, unt... (more)

Five Reasons Google Apps is Still Better than Notes

Thank you for your feedback to our last post. We are thrilled that through the use of blogs and twitter, we can engage the community in a nearly real-time conversation. What I find odd, however, is the fact that a leader of another large company can call for the “eradication” of Lotus Notes to his partner community, but it was David Hoff’s “Top 10 Reasons I Left Lotus Notes for Google Apps” that sparked the ire of the Lotus Notes faithful. We clearly hit a nerve here and wanted to take an opportunity to respond to some of the feedback. First of all, let me say that Cloud Sherpas is made up of several former Lotus Notes Professionals. In my previous role with a large Fortune 100 company, I was responsible for the implementation, support, and day-to-day management of a 30K Lotus Notes and Domino user base. I actually helped that company migrate to the cloud right bef... (more)

Prolifics Offers Easy Transition to IBM Lotus Web Content Management

Prolifics, an end-to-end systems integrator specializing in IBM technologies, today announced that it continues to offer companies an easy transition to Lotus Web Content Management (WebCM). In today's fast-paced business environment, organizations must have the ability to effectively manage content to applications and business processes. IBM Lotus Web Content Management is a sophisticated Web content management product designed to accelerate development and delivery of critical business information across enterprises. With over 30 WebCM customers to date, Prolifics' certified experts can execute or transition companies to a Lotus Web Content Management environment to enable collaboration for content creation, approvals, management, retention, and publishing across Internet, intranet, and extranet assets. Prolifics also has deep expertise migrating to WebCM from oth... (more)

Enabling Content Approval on a List Using CAML

I’ve always liked the power of CAML because it allows me to create so much in SharePoint without ever having to write a line of code.  However, there really isn’t enough examples out there, so I like writing posts like these that focus on doing something very specific with a list.  @SPKyle would say just write some code to do that, but that’s not my style, so I did some digging through the SDK and some experimentation and I figured out how to do it.  Of course there isn’t an attribute called EnableContentApproval.  So, the first thing we have to figure out is what CAML calls content approval.  It turns out CAML refers to this as moderation.  We’ll add this to the SharePoint UI to API translation guide.  Looking at the List element, I find two attributes ModeratedList and ModeratedType.  The description of the both is quite similar, so I decide to try them out one at... (more)

Amazon Web Services Database in the Cloud

Amazon Cloud Journal Amazon Web Services LLC, an Amazon.com company (NASDAQ: AMZN), today introduced Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), a new web service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale relational databases in the cloud. Amazon RDS provides cost-efficient and resizable capacity while automating time-consuming database administration tasks, freeing users to focus on their application and their business. As with all Amazon Web Services, there are no up-front investments required, and you pay only for the resources you use. Also announced today, AWS has lowered prices and introduced a new family of High-Memory instances for Amazon EC2. To get started using Amazon RDS, and other Amazon Web Services, visit http://aws.amazon.com. “For almost two years, many AWS customers have taken advantage of the simplicity, reliability, and seamless s... (more)

Hosting.com Launches ColdFusion 9 in the Cloud

Cloud Computing Expo on Ulitzer Hosting.com, the leading provider of managed hosting, cloud hosting and colocation solutions and an Adobe Solution Partner, today announced the general availability of ColdFusion 9 in its Cloud and Dedicated environments. Hosting.com is the first provider to launch ColdFusion 9's availability in a cloud hosting environment. Hosting.com is the world's most trusted ColdFusion hosting provider servicing over 6,000 global ColdFusion customers -- many since 1997. ColdFusion 9 Enterprise and Standard editions are available in the Hosting.com Cloud Enterprise, Cloud Dedicated and Dedicated Hosting platforms. Cloud Enterprise, starting as low as $125 per month, provides on-demand cloud hosting via a secure web portal so businesses can rapidly deploy virtual servers and modify resources as needed -- and provides high availability and elastic... (more)

How to: Start Over with SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, we just need to start over. A lot of times, I see cases in the forums where it is just easier to reinstall the Search Service Application.  This especially applies to new environments or when someone ran the dreaded “wizard” to set up their service applications.  This serves as a quick reference guide on how to re-create your Search Service Application.  When you do this, you will lose all existing search settings, your search index, your scopes, and any managed property mappings you might have made.  Keep that in mind if you are starting this procedure. The first thing we need to do is delete the existing Search Service Application.  Typically, it is named Search Service Application.  However, if you are running FAST, it will likely be called something else.  Whatever, it is named, it will look something like you see in the... (more)

Book Review: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - A Beginner's Guide

This book is a really great beginners guide for core SQL Server 2012, and it also does a great job of introducing new features introduced in SQL Server 2012. What I mean by core is that topics like Master Data Services and Data Quality Services are not introduced. That is not a bad thing. By limiting the scope of the book, the author was able to better the topics that are included. I wanted this book because I like having a book about the basics close by. I am not in SQL Server everyday and when I find myself needing to go back to it, I not only want books on the advanced features nearby, I want the basics also. The book covers all the basics you need to know to get up and running quickly. After a really nice introduction where the author covers the new 2012 features and where they are covered in the book, they have a nice overview of relational databases and detail... (more)

Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Creating and Implementing Real-World Projects

This book is unique in the library of SharePoint 2010 books I own. It is a recipe book for entire solutions. The recipes take you from compiling the requirements to the implementation and the management of the final solution. The solutions covered in the book include: Building a Project Management Solution Building a Training Registration Management System Building a Basic FAQ Solution Building a Learning Center Building a Help Desk Solution Building a Remote Teams Activity Site Building a Team Blog Platform Building an RFP Response Solution Building a Contact Management Solution Building a Resource Scheduling Solution Although the solutions in the book are good, they are not what I found to be its most valuable asset. The process the authors walk you through and the way they teach you to think about the design of the solutions is the most valuable part of the book. Each soluti... (more)